How to make my website more searchable

How to make my website more searchable

83% out of the my first website gets comes from search engines.

My approach in building traffic doesn’t depend heavily on social networking or social book marking websites but rather on organic traffic that comes from search engines. In this article I will tell you to make your website more searchable.

How to bring more search engine visitors to your website

In my previous articles how to increase your search engine hits and how to increase your search engine ranking I explained how you can optimize your articles so that they show on the top of search engine results however the question that remains is, how to get more traffic from search engines?

The more pages search engines can index from your website the more it will display your website in the search results and the more visitors you will get. This means that there is a direct relation between writing new optimized content in your blog and getting more search engine hits.

The more optimized pages you write the more will online searchers find you and the more visitors your site will get.

Targeting popular niches

My personal development website traffic doubled few weeks after I started writing about relationships. I discovered that the relationships niche is very popular among those who read about personal development and so I wrote more articles about it.

Few months later my traffic doubled again, that’s a four fold increase since I started writing about relationships.

The same goes for making money online, writing about making money using Google adsense attracts more search hits than writing about making online sales since almost everyone who have a website have adsense installed but not all of them sell products online.

Don’t just write optimized pages for search engines but write optimized pages within popular niches so that your website becomes more searchble.

Most probably you arrived to 2earn-online because it appeared on the top of search results in search engines. My book "How to make your website come up first in search results" will surely help you make your pages appear on the top of search results, else you will get your money back. (100% money back guarantee)

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